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Going in for the Quill: Nova Scotia Mom Heals Teen Raven's Porcupine Wounds

[node:summary]Raven asks for help from human in removing porcupine quills, gets it.
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It’s common wisdom among Indigenous Peoples that animals are our brothers and sisters. And in all quarters of life, examples and evidence of this abound—just witness all those accounts of pets that rescue their owners from fires or stand by them in injury.

What better example in the world of wildlife than this fledgling raven, who allowed Canadian Gertie Cleary to yank not one, but four, painful porcupine quills from its neck and wing?

“It reminded me of a child with a splinter and when you pull a splinter out, they holler and screech and pull their hand away,” Cleary, of Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, told CTV News

The bird might not have made it without Cleary’s help, said Hope Swinimer, the founder and director of Hope for Wildlife, a conservation group, to CTV News.

“It is important that people take interest in the natural world around them,” she said. “When they see an animal in distress, they should do something about it.”

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It was fairly clear from the description given by Cleary's daughter, who posted the video on YouTube, that the raven had come to their house asking for help. 

"A wild raven perched himself on our fence and squawked for over an hour," she wrote. "I went to see what was up with him and saw that he had four porcupine quills stuck in him, three in the side of his face and one in his wing. This video shows my Mom taking out the ones in his face. Very bizarre he let us get that close and even more bizzare he let my Mom pull the quills out." 

They fed the bird some dog food and let it stay as long as it wanted.

"He hung around for the day and was gone the next," said the YouTube commentary. 

“Quoth the Raven: ‘Thanks lady!’ " wrote Gawker, which posted the video this morning.