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Go raise your voices

The United States plans not to attend a United Nations conference on racism next month in Geneva. I hope many indigenous parties make the effort to attend and voice their opinions, especially from groups within the United States.

There are items of interest such as indigenous rights, and, in my case, the Dookoslid religious persecution business, the San Francisco Peaks “tea party.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during her trip to the Middle East that $900 million would be provided to rebuild the Gaza strip, recent site of a war action. In contrast to this, there is an area on Navajo called the Bennett Freeze, which has been given exactly zero dollars for some years, the inhabitants cannot get beyond no running water, no electricity, or even house building. I should think this is a human rights violation. What is most irksome is this is going on in America!

There is a sinister quality about non-rez life. Political activism is wanted.

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– Ken Whitehair

Kayenta, Ariz.