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Give Back to Indian Country This Holiday Season

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Numerous tribes and organizations throughout Indian Country could greatly benefit from your contributions this year. If possible, give back and support the less fortunate during the holiday season.

Here is a list of tribes in need or nonprofits representing the interests of American Indians whom you can support:

  • To provide food, clothes, toys or cash donations to any of the federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, please visit the National Congress of American Indians' tribal directory.
  • Many American Indian and Alaska Native tribes faced considerable hardships this year from devastating fires to floods. Donate to the Native American Relief Fund to provide for tribes in need.
  • The American Indian College Fund helps many American Indian students earn a college degree. To discuss the types of gifts you can contribute, please contact Eileen Egan at
  • Donate used books to your reservation school's library. Over the course of one year, 90 percent of tenth graders in reservation schools did not read a single book outside of the classroom, statistics show, according to View of a list of American Indian K12 schools online to research which school library to donate to near you.
  • Donate to the American Indian Law Alliance to advance the efforts of Indigenous nations, communities and peoples in advocating for just and equitable rights; preserve the unique world view of Indigenous peoples for generations to come; and provide support to our leadership and community organizing efforts.
  • Through Global Giving, you can help provide 10 solar heaters to Lakota families in need.
  • Support indigenous youth leadership exchanges to advance the creation of a global Indigenous youth.
  • Help the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation, a grassroots project on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, reclaim 1,800 acres of ancestral lands for restoring buffalo, and Lakota culture and lifeways.
  • Support Triangle Native American Society, a nonprofit organization that informs the public about the cultural and economic contributions made by North Carolina's Native American citizens. The organization also aims to promote American Indian resources, and to facilitate communications between Native peoples and organizations to support their goals and efforts.
  • Native American Connections works to improve the lives of individuals and families through Native American culturally appropriate behavioral health, affordable housing, and community development services. Donate to support their efforts.
  • Support the Native American Rights Fund, which has provided legal assistance to Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide who may have otherwise gone without adequate representation, since 1971.
  • The Native American Heritage Association is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping Native American families in need living on the Reservations of South Dakota.
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