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Genocide confused with Suicide

We need to confront our weaknesses. We sit on the edge of a great void of nothingness and at any moment we will be sucked into its darkness.

We will vanish if we don't stop self-destructing. Many say that the white man is committing "genocide" upon our Native people today, but I say this is rhetoric. Genocide is a word used by those who don't have anything else to use. It has become a "big" word used to make a pretty speech so the speaker can sound good and be dramatic.

Every time I hear it, I become disappointed with my people. To say that someone is committing genocide is a sign of a paranoid mind and an unstable consciousness. I don't believe that genocide is being committed against any of us because we are still here alive and kicking with no bullets tearing through our flesh.

I do believe that if any word can be used to describe our people and our struggles today it's suicide.

We commit generational, political, governmental and cultural suicide every time we blame our problems on someone else or some other race.

Our people have become nations of complaining victims too afraid to stand against our own tribal leaders and their corruption.

They walk all over you and you have let them. They have ripped you off and you elect them back into office. They violate your civil rights and you kiss up to them. They politically abuse you and you admire them. They beat you and you go back to them.

You shouldn't blame anyone else for your mistakes and your decisions of bad leadership except yourself.

I don't allow this in my defiance of their tyranny. Myself, I will never pledge allegiance to these tribal officials. They don't deserve it. That respect can only be given to the Great Spirit, he is the true image and teacher of sovereignty.

The crooked minds believe the people exist to provide them with their wealth but I believe that they exist to provide us with progress.

Every time a bill passes through Congress giving our treaty land and water rights away to the state you can be 100 percent sure a tribal president's signature is on it, selling us out to appease his white political master.

We need to start accepting reality, my brothers and sisters. We shouldn't blame anyone but ourselves for the world we live in. We shouldn't look for scapegoats when the oppressor sits behind the desk of elected tribal leadership or on boards of Indian non-profit scams exploiting you and me for their own selfish greed.

Come on now! We all know what's going on out here on the reservations. I hear everyone complain about how crooked their tribal councils are and yet there they continue to sit, on your councils, year after year, feeding off your future and going into executive session to hide the truth from you.

No one is committing "genocide" against us, and to accuse someone of it is dramatic stupidity. Accept the reality, my relatives, and you will awaken to see the true oppressor. The last time I checked, they were just as Lakota, Nakota, Dakota as you and I.

We, the people, have the key to true prosperity if we choose to open the door. We shouldn't be letting our racism toward others - including other tribes - hide us from the truth behind the evil intentions of the crooked tribal politicians.

Our tribal governments, through corruption, have been slowly committing governmental suicide, slashing our sovereign wrists to drip the life's blood of our tribal future onto the sacred ground of Mother Earth and in the process bringing an end to our tribal nations, land base and future.

I can see that in order to save ourselves we, as a people united, need to start confronting those leaders who are killing our reservations with their greed. These tribal crooks don't care if we lose our sovereignty, because they have a nest egg to fall back on.

They don't care if we lose our status as tribes because they can just live off our resources they've sequestered away for themselves. They don't care about you or they would be honest.

We, the people, have to care. We have to keep our tribes together in unity. We, the people, can end this suicide and we, the people, can punish those committing this self-inflicted destruction. We must never accept hopelessness as an easy way out to cope with our poverty and it must be done soon. As you read this, your reservations' borders are getting smaller and smaller. Pretty soon the state will control our reservation lands and will have jurisdiction over your lives.

Who cares who the self-proclaimed leaders are today, my brothers and sisters. Let those who will commit the first sin against his people fight over the first war bonnet.

It's time to quit playing the role of beaten puppy and stand up as men and women to clean up our tribal governments. All tyrants and dictators fall off their thrones once they drive the people into the corner of extreme poverty. And I am here to tell you that we are in that corner and we have been here too long - so long we developed a sick culture and reality out of it in our children.

I am tired of it and I know you are, too. These leaders today are nothing more than human beings like you and I, nothing more.

Genocide is the wrong word for our situation, let's call it what it is, suicide.