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Gathering of Nations goes outdoors

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ALBUQUERQUE – For the first time in its 27-year history the Gathering of Nations will be held outdoors as more than 150,000 people will be in attendance to celebrate culture and traditions through dance, music, food and indigenous dress. One of the largest gatherings in the country every year, now moving to an outdoor event will give it limitless boundaries.

What ultimately led to the decision? How much planning and preparation went into it? Were there any major concerns that could have kept it from going outside? These are just a few questions that I have.

Would make for a great story for our Pow Wow update which will be in Issue 52, to come out June 2. I would need the story by May 21. It will be a great follow up to this move and should be able to get some decent photos.

Contact is Christopher Chavez: (505) 797-6687; e-mail:

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