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Gathering of Nations 2012 Album Released

The Gathering of Nations Powwow 2012 album has been released
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The compilation of music recorded live at the 2012 Gathering of Nations Powwow, which was held April 27-28 in Albuquerque, has been released. The album is always one of the most anticipated discs in the world of Native American music -- during the 11-year run of the now-defunct Native American Music Grammy category, the compilation was nominated three times and won twice --and this edition is entitled Wicoyecage Oitoka: Generations of Change.

The disc includes 21 tracks of traditional music by such artists as Black Eagle, White Tail, Young Bear, and That Tribe, and is dedicated to the late Jerry Cleveland Jr., a champion fancy dancer. Indeed, the final tune, "Jerry Cleveland Jr. Song," is designated a bonus track and was performed by Midnite Express as a dedication to the dancer, who died in October 2011 while attending the San Manuel Powwow.

Wicoyecage Oitoka: Generations of Change is available at the Gathering of Nations online store and iTunes.

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