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Gabriel Night Shield Presents 'Kataztrophi

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Straight out of Rosebud, underground Lakota rapper
Gabriel Night Shield has just released his first solo CD, "Kataztrophik"
(Night Shield Entertainment). While a lot of Native rap is brilliant, Night
Shield's intense, hard delivery about the raw emotions of Indian youth give
him an edge that is impossible to ignore. His sound is blunt and his
message is unfettered. "Kataztrophik" is an outstanding debut from one of
the strongest young voices in contemporary Native music.

The CD contains productions from Mr. D-Sane, Mobius Suntzu, Chad Sharp and
Big Ice (Baby Bash) along with guest performers, including Haystak, Triple
Crown, Young Nobles and Native rapper Shadowyze. The CD offers a mix of
classic tracks, including "Ride With Me" (with Shayla Day) which was a big
hit in South Dakota and "Call Me a Savage" from the "Savage Alliance"
compilation, along with new pieces.

Night Shield's hard sound, macho stance and total lack of self-censorship
give him an air of self-assurance that few others can offer in the Native
music scene. A lot of Native rap is neutered in order to get a broader
acceptance on the reservations; outrage over the politics is often
substituted for the sheer rage that is burning just below the surface of
the music.

Night Shield cuts through all of the politics and offers a state-of-the-art
album that is competitive with any rap in the nation. Ironically, his
message of success and takeover is very in tune with the current battles
over Indian gaming. "Natives on the question; some call me cocky; but it's
using truth, you know; preaching to the youth; no; sack of cliches, no;
represent to Custer; this is marking days that sh-- is played out ..."

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Night Shield received his degree in Audio Production in 1999 and returned
to South Dakota to pursue his lifelong dream of starting his own music
label. This is the sixth release on his label. Like most rappers, his life
is the inspiration for his rhymes.

Groove-wise, Night Shield is unapologetically retro and in your face. His
musical backdrops have the funk of a Pam Grier action movie from the 1970s
and his style of rapping hits low and fast. "Kataztrophik" is a great
testament from a young artist. Even if you are not a fan of hip-hop, Night
Shield is someone to watch. You get the feeling that whatever happens is
going to happen here first.

For more information and free downloads of his music, visit