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Friends Bike From Rosebud Reservation to New York City for Diabetes Awareness

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Two buddies from the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota pedaled their bicycles half-way cross country to New York City to promote conversations about preventing and managing diabetes, reported KLDT News.

Abel Harmon, an experienced cyclist, and Charles Ginsbach, a beginner who had to purchase a bike to take the 1,800-mile trip, made the journey with the support of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Diabetes Prevention Program.

Harmon initiated the idea. The day prior to his departure, Ginsbach decided he wanted to join the crusade. "I have family members who are diabetic; I have friends who are. I know so many people who are diabetic. I just said I’ll ride for the cause too," Ginsbach told KLDT.

At every stop from Wisconsin up into Canada, the pair talked to people about diabetes.

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Harmon completed the trip to New York City, but in Syracuse, New York, doctors insisted Ginsbach stop at a hospital due to severe saddle sores.

Despite the grueling pain of lugging 80 pounds of gear including a tent while pedaling up hills in heavy winds, Ginsbach plans to join Harmon on another long-distance trip next summer. "I learned about myself, what I'm capable of my spiritual self; my mental self just built a lot of character," Ginsbach said.