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Friday Funny: The Native American Dude and The Film Crew

[node:summary]Friday Funny: The Native American Dude and The Film Crew

Since today is the six-month anniversary of Loren Anthony and other Native Actors walking off of the set of Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six movie - We thought it would be appropriate to have a "film crew joke" as this week's Friday Funny.

With this in mind, here is this week's Native humor tidbit entitled:

"The Native American Dude and the Film Crew."

Deciding to film an old time Cowboys and Indians movie, a famous Hollywood director decided to take his film crew to the Navajo reservation in order to film the gorgeous backdrops found in the beautiful deserts.

After a few days of filming, a Native American dude walked up to the director and looked into his eyes.

"Mr. Director, I just wanted to let you know, it will rain tomorrow." Sure enough, the next day it rained.

A few days later, the same Native American dude walked up to the director, who this time gave his full attention to him.

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"Mr. Director, tomorrow there will be a severe thunderstorm with hail." Sure enough, the thunderstorm with hail happened exactly as the Native American dude explained.

The director was amazed. "This Native American is so wise, he is so in touch with nature, his spirit must be connected to his ancestors and he knows the weather." The director ordered his casting director to hire him as a consultant immediately.

The following day, the director met with the now consultant of his film, that Native American dude.

The director walked up to the Indian, who was busy drinking a cup of coffee and eating a bagel.

"Ok, I have hired you as a consultant, I have a huge scene tomorrow with hundreds of extras and a fight scene between the cowboys and indians. What is the weather going to be tomorrow?"

The Native American dude looked at the director and shrugged his shoulders... "I'm not sure yet," he said. "You called me in so early this morning I haven't had a chance to watch the weather channel today yet."

Source: Various places on the web and told numerous times by a plethora of elders in one form or another.