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‘Free Peltier’

By my own research and reasoning, I can show why Amnesty International and many others deem Leonard Peltier a political prisoner:

First, two of his peers in a previous trial who were involved in the same event were cleared because of proven FBI tampering and a climate of fear in Pine Ridge, S.D. They were found not guilty, due to their right of self-defense (Page 38, Trial of Leonard Peltier, Messerschmidt).

Secondly, in Peltier’s case, the prosecution gave an order (Document #174, U.S. District Courthouse, Fargo) to hush all discussion on FBI tampering and the climate of fear in Pine Ridge. The judge, despite its clear implications in the previous case, allowed this order to stand.

Not only that, but Peltier was extradited from Canada for trial on a falsified affidavit with which the FBI was complicit (Page 34, Trial of Leonard Peltier, Messerschmidt).

I will not speculate as to what the FBI and the prosecution were up to, but it raises sufficient cause to question the motives and the true nature of what the government was doing.

It is clear that Peltier did not get a fair trial, thus any sentence under these conditions is immoral.

To this day, the federal government refuses to release more than 10,000 documents relating to this event and other FBI/Native American involvement during this era, and litigation is currently pending regarding the fate of these documents.

It’s time we stand up for what is right.

Free Leonard Peltier.

Free the documents.

Free the truth.

– Adam C. Hasbargen

Moorhead, Minn.