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Four-Day Run in Celebration of Sobriety & Health From One Rez to Another

"The number one killer of Indians is alcohol, but this is not just for Indians, this is for everyone, it's a prayer. Many suffer, especially families. While you're running, please say a prayer for those who suffer, for families, and for those that are healing," said Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain, Jr. at the 2013 annual, four-day Anishinaabe Run for Sobriety and Health.

This year's run will begin at Red Lake Chemical Health Programs at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 30, and finish at the Mash-ka-wisen pow-wow grounds at Fon du Lac on Saturday, August 2.

The runners will be coming down Highway #89 starting about 10:30 AM, coming across Highway 2, through the City of Bemidji on Paul Bunyan Drive, and then when through the city heading east toward Leech Lake on the Old Cass Lake Highway aka Roosevelt Road.

ALL runners are encouraged and welcome to participate in any and all of the run—everyone is invited to join up at any time or cheer runners on.

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"Running sends a message. That's our history as well as many other cultures," said Tom Barrett, director of Red Lake Chemical Health programs, last year. "We used to send runners to deliver a message to other communities. This is the same, the message is sobriety. But it is more it's about health and it's about healing. So many suffer from alcohol and diabetes."

Children under 16 must be accompanied by Parents or Adults (no exceptions). Participants: bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Meals will be provided.