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Fostering Adult Education: NTU’s GED Program Awarded Grant

Navajo Technical University received a two-year grant from the Navajo Nation Workforce Development Department to support adult learning.

Navajo Technical University received a two-year grant from the Navajo Nation Workforce Development Department that would allocate $984,000 over the next two years to support adult learning and GED programs at NTU’s two instructional sites in Chinle and Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, as well as NTU’s main campus in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

“There is a huge need for adult education to be expanded on the Navajo Nation and adjacent communities, and the grant will enable NTU to provide additional program services at its locations,” explained NTU ABE/GED program director Dr. Lawrence Isaac. “Additionally, the funding will help adult students to resume their higher learning at an institution where 21st Century Education is emphasized while maintaining Diné Philosophy of Education.”

The funds will be made available to NTU from June 2014 to May 2016, and according to Dr. Isaac, will be used for a variety of purposes. Such purposes include: increasing instructional staff at each of NTU’s sites; purchasing classroom supplies and textbooks; assisting students with travel and food expenses; paying for student testing fees; and implementing a computer-based, comprehensive program for test preparation called 2014 GED.

Chantelle Yazzie/Navajo Technical University

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Representatives from Navajo Technical University and Workforce Development pose for a photo on June 30, 2014 after a meeting about a grant NTU received from Workforce Development. The grant would allocate $984,000 over the next two years to NTU’s GED program to support adult learning.

NTU will be registering GED students for the fall semester August 18-22 at NTU’s Crownpoint campus. Both NTU and Workforce Development officials will be on hand to assist students in the registration process as well as providing necessary information and documentation for access to the grant funds. Interested students may register for NTU’s GED programs prior to the registration, however, a student orientation is required prior to the start of the semester. Classes begin August 25, 2014 at all three NTU locations.

NTU’s ABE/GED program is committed for adult learners to enter higher levels of self-reliance and employment opportunities. The program offers free classes and tutoring and operates on a semester system with the affiliation and sponsorship of NTU. Fall and spring classes run for eight weeks, allowing students to progress rapidly through the educational material. After completion, students wishing to enroll in one of NTU’s higher education programs will be assisted with registration, applying for financial aid, and course selection.

For more information about NTU’s ABE/GED program or how to apply, contact Dr. Lawrence Isaac at 505-786-4162.