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Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona, California and Nevada

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A woman whose California wildlife sanctuary has been under criticism isn't readily finding a new home for her animals in Arizona. Martine Colette, who operates Wildland Waystation next door to the Angeles National Forest about 20 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, proposed to lease land from the tribe, but the tribe said no. She also failed to get a zoo license from the Arizona Game and Fish Department to hold wild animals on her property in Fort Mohave. "I live in Arizona, so I would prefer to do things in Arizona," she said, adding that "New Mexico and Texas are definitely in the running." She hadn't been finding California so hospitable recently. In April, the California Fish and Game Department ordered a halt to tours and barred her 160-acre operation from accepting additional animals. Officers cited problems with housing conditions and excess pollution. The sanctuary, said to be the largest of its kind in California, has about 1,200 animals. It cares for neglected, injured, abused and rescued animals including lions, tigers, bears and chimpanzees.

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