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Former Kickapoo tribal council member drops lawsuit against tribe

HORTON, Kan. - The Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas announced that three lawsuits filed by James Cisneros, former Kickapoo tribal treasurer, have been dismissed in Kickapoo Tribal Court and cannot be filed again.

Cisneros asked for the dismissal, saying he believed they were a lost cause.

The lawsuits stemmed from Cisneros' dismissal first as a member of the Kickapoo Gaming Council and later his removal as tribal treasurer.

Cisneros maintained his investigation into alleged wrongdoings of tribal council members and discrepancies at the tribe's Golden Eagle Casino led to his dismissal from the gaming commission. He further alleged his removal from the council post was because of a lawsuit he filed - following his removal from the gaming commission - in which he named several tribal council members as defendants.

Cisneros tried unsuccessfully for nearly a year to have his cases heard in tribal court, but decided to give up the fight, saying that he believed it was a lost cause.

In an Oct. 31 press release, the tribe announced that, "Cisneros filed these lawsuits but never did anything to pursue the same. The Tribe believes that the plaintiff dismissed these lawsuits because he finally recognized that he had no cases to pursue. His cases were weak from the beginning, and he never attempted to prove the same."