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Former FCC Chairman to Dan Snyder: Change Your Team's Name

A story about a Washington Post commentary by former FCC head Reed Hunt asking Washington Redskins owner Dan Syder to change the team's name.
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"Dan Snyder should change his team's name," declares Reed Hundt, former FCC chairman, in a commentary for The Washington Post today. Synder owns the Washington Redskins.

"Pretending that I was once again, for only a day, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), I co-signed a letter this week to Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington football club," Hundt begins. "[Former] FCC officials and concerned parties asked Snyder to change the name of our beloved football team — so that broadcasters no longer would have to describe it using a name they would never use in any other context."

In his compelling way, Hundt explicates how the FCC has the authority to investigate if networks broadcasting racially derogatory terms is in line with the public interest--but that shoudn't be necessary, not in this day and age.

"Cultural standards evolve ... Whatever we might have said decades ago, none of us now would call a Native American by the epithet used to describe Snyder’s team....

Snyder has an irresistible opportunity to lead the nation in taking another step on the long road toward multiethnic harmony and tolerance. If he emulates Abe Pollin, the late owner of the Washington basketball team who conducted an open process to change the name of his franchise to Wizards (from the no-longer-appropriate Bullets), Snyder can gain even more credit for the leadership he has shown in reviving the fortunes of our beloved football team."

To read the entire commentary, click here. To read the letter to Snyder co-signed by Hundt, click here. To read the infamous CNN interview with Snyder during which he declares his support for using the name Redskins, click here.