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Forest County Potawatomi Community of Wisconsin

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The community could face opposition to its request for four liquor licenses to accompany its $120 million casino expansion in the Menominee Valley. The license applications are for a sports bar, cabaret and dinner theater and two restaurants. Some Milwaukee City Council members expressed concern about mixing alcohol and gambling. The Potawatomi said alcohol would not be served in the gaming area and patrons would not be allowed to take it outside the restaurants or bar. "We don't see our business being any different from a food and beverage establishment at a hotel or any other restaurant in the city," said Linda Sowell, the casino's public relations director. Laws requiring liquor licenses ordinarily do not apply to tribal land. However, in a 1990 agreement in which the Potawatomi acquired the Menominee Valley land, the tribe agreed to seek a liquor license before serving alcohol. Sowell said most other Indian casinos in the state sell alcohol, many of them on the gaming floor. The expanded casino, with 250,000 square feet, will have five times the space of the old building when it opens Oct. 1. It will include 25 blackjack tables and 1,000 slot machines.

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