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Foreign alliances destroy U.S. independence

The United States was fortunate to have presidents like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to keep us out of permanent foreign alliances. This helped the United States become the greatest nation in history. Unfortunately, 20th and 21st century presidents have entangled us in foreign wars and alliances.

Amid guarantees that the North American Free Trade Agreement would stimulate commerce, spur job creation, curtail illegal immigration and have no impact on U.S. independence, Congress approved this 1,700-page pact in 1993. This entangling alliance has more to do with NAFTA regulations rather than real free trade, which requires no government interference.

NAFTA has been a disaster for many Americans and the independence that we once enjoyed. Rulings from NAFTA's judicial panels have superseded state and federal court decisions, thereby overriding U.S. and state constitutions. These panels were not set up or approved by American citizens. If we want to restore our independence, we must demand that Congress repeals NAFTA!

-- Lucy L. Crump

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Mission Hills, Calif.