'Flying' Wallenda Didn't Walk Across Grand Canyon, Says Navajo

A story about daredevil Nik Wallenda crossing Navajo Nation Grand Canyon gorge and now wanting to walk over buildings in New York City.

"Mr. Wallenda needs to buy a GPS or somebody give this guy a map," Milton Tso, president of the Cameron community on the Navajo Nation told the New York Post. "He's not walking across the Grand Canyon. He's walking across the Little Colorado River Gorge on the Navajo Nation. It's misleading and false advertising."

And now the daredevil wants to take New York City. Will he instead climb over Hoboken?

Maybe not. Indeed, New York City, look out. Or Up. Nik Wallenda, a scion of the famous Flying Wallendas family, successfully walked across a tightrope spanning the Little Colorado River in Navajo Nation land last night. And now he wants to dangle over NYC, reports the New York Post.

Wallenda said he next wants to stroll the skies between the Empire State and Chrysler buildings in NYC— a space of some nine city blocks, says the Post. If he gets permission, the walk would be 4,000 feet, more than triple the length of Sunday's stunt. But did he indeed cross the Grand Canyon, a feat even Evel Knievel never accomplished? 

Who cares, says the Navajo. "When people watch this, our main thing is we want the world to know who Navajo people are, our culture, traditions and language are still very much alive," Geri Hongeva, spokeswoman for the tribe's Division of Natural Resources, said before the walk. 

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Fitness is key for Wallenda, obviously.