Flintco official mentor of San Carlos Apache Enterprise


SAN CARLOS, Ariz. – Mescal Mountain Materials, LLC, a San Carlos Apache tribal sand and gravel enterprise overseen by the Gilson Wash District Economic Enterprise and The Flintco Companies, Inc., a Native American-owned construction company, have executed a mentor-protégé agreement approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The SBA mentor protégé program is designed to allow large successful companies to mentor small 8(a) businesses as a way to help them secure federal contracts. Mentors provide technical and management assistance, financial assistance in the form of equity investments and/or loans, subcontract support, and assistance in performing prime contracts. To be considered eligible for SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program, a business must be considered socially and economically disadvantaged. The San Carlos Apache Tribe has an estimated unemployment rate of 75 percent.

“This points back to the characteristics of our people. We’ve always had that characteristic to strive. I think this alliance will result in a great future. It can serve as a model for others,” said Wendsler Nosie, chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, at the Apache Gold Casino where the partnership was announced.

“The Mentor Protégé is a great tool for the tribe to utilize to get into the federal marketplace and grow a company that will eventually be a Federal Government Contractor regardless of minority status or set aside programs. The assistance and training we will receive from Flintco will allow us to accomplish this goal,” said David Beaver, GWDEE Board Chairman.

Charles Stevens, Gilson Wash District Councilman, agreed. “It is a very momentous occasion. The possibilities of this alliance I believe are going to mushroom.”

“I look forward to the day when Mescal Mountain Materials stands on its own to the betterment of the San Carlos Apache people. That’s the spirit and intent of the mentor-protégé program,” said Robin Flint Ballenger, Flintco’s chairman of the board.

The Gilson Wash District Economic Enterprise was established in January 2004 to help create employment and generate economic benefit for the Gilson Wash District and overall tribe. The GWDEE currently oversees two enterprises including Teltera Ndee Tribal Enterprises, LLC and Mescal Mountain Materials, LLC.

The Flintco Companies, Inc. was established 101 years ago. With eight office locations, the company delivers a broad range of construction services coast-to-coast through its two operating divisions, Flintco, Inc. and Oakridge Builders, Inc. Based on its large volume of annual work, Flintco consistently ranks among the top 20 commercial construction companies in the nation. Flintco was named the U.S. Department of Commerce National Minority Construction Firm of the Year in 2000 and 2005.