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Five-Part Series Profiles Navajo Business in the Global Marketplace

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The Farmington Daily Times is running a five-part series on the Navajo Nation's involvement in the global economy and its potential as it gains access to wireless communications.

The first article examines the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI), the nation's for-profit agricultural enterprise based in New Mexico that supplies cattle, amongst other business transactions, with companies in Brazil, Japan and Mexico.

"We're competing with our contracts internationally today," CEO Tsosie Lewis told the Daily Times.

In the second article, the paper looks at globally recognized Navajo artisans, and the damage caused by imposter Navajo designs machine-replicated in Mexico, China and in other countries.

"Yeah, it's turquoise, but its color is the only thing that's turquoise," George Francis, a metalsmith and manager of a gift shop, told the paper of imitation turquoise from Asia.

The imitation art degrades the marketplace and the Diné women who weave their sheep's wool in "legendary imperfection."