First things first

House Resolution 194 is an apology for slavery.
Where is the apology to the indigenous peoples of America?
Truly, there are so many wrongs that need to be righted in this place called America. Everything that H.R. 194 calls for, and more, is inarguably necessary. It is true that addressing the issue of slavery will be the beginning to a healing of a pain, which has taken generations to create, will take generations to heal, if ever. It is so true that in addressing these issues so many other issues for other individuals will be addressed, as a kind of “fringe benefit.”
But, first things first.
What would happen if the U.S. government actually acknowledged the genocide, forced removal and current captivity of the indigenous peoples that were on this land when the first Europeans arrived?
It would mean that they would actually have to stop climbing on, digging in, pissing on and desecrating the places that indigenous peoples hold sacred, let alone return them to the care of those peoples.
It would mean that they would actually have to educate every citizen that attends public school about what really happened and what is still happening to the indigenous population so that they could stop believing that all is well because “the Indians have a casino and some land.” And while they’re educating people, eliminate the mascots and other racially offensive emblems, slogans and terms that are a part of our American culture.
It would actually mean that they would have to acknowledge the fact that it is immoral and wrong, and least of all, politically incorrect to annihilate humans in the name of their “God.”
Can anyone understand the ramifications of that acknowledgment and how it would change the course of our lives in America and of others around the world? Many have suffered from the brutality of the policies of the U.S. government and other governments that believe only the followers of preferred religions are actually human enough to have rights. Where is that resolution? It should have hit the floor of the House of Representatives first.

– Red Knife Woman/Nephre’ Golden-Glenn
Columbia, S.C.