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First Stage of Flight 6560 Crash Investigation Complete

Cleanup has begun at the site of the crash of First Air flight 6560, which hit a hillside on approach to Resolute Bay on August 20.
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Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has finished phase one of its investigation into the cause of First Air flight 6560’s August 20 crash outside Resolute Bay.

TSB spokesman Chris Krepski told the Nunatsiaq Newsthat 23 investigators were finished at the site and had headed back to Ottawa to conduct months of analysis.

First Air assumed responsibility for site cleanup and is consulting with Water Earth Science Associates Limited, Atco Group and the local Hunters and Trappers Organization, the airline said in a statement.

The Boeing 737 slammed into a hill five miles from the airport, killing 12 and injuring three.

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“This tragic event is being felt in Resolute Bay and throughout the entire North. First Air is committed to cleaning-up the site in a way that is respectful to the community and the environment,” First Air President and CEO Scott Bateman said in a statement. “As a company that is entrenched in all the communities we serve, we recognize and acknowledge the importance of returning the site to its former state in a timely manner.”

Government inspectors were also overseeing the process, First Air said.

“First Air is determined to ensure environmental standards and best practices are met as we work to return the land to its original condition,” Bateman said.

The Boeing 737 was carrying supplies for the town in addition to its 11 passengers and four crew. Police have been fending off polar bears attracted to the smell of food, the Canadian Press reported.