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Fear the Walking Dead: Otherwise Known as the Democratic Party and the DNC

The Democratic Party has been on a skid for a while and is in dire need of a new strategy if it seeks to unseat the GOP across the board.

The truth is, and I think anyone who objectively assesses the situation has to appreciate, that the model the Democrats have followed for the last 10 to 20 years has been an ultimate failure,” ……… “we have lost the White House, the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, almost two-thirds of the governors’ chairs and close to 900 legislative seats across this country. How can anyone not conclude that the Democratic agenda and approach has been a failure?” -Senator Bernie Sanders, former Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate. (Source: The Hill)

“I believe one of the failures of the Democratic Party has been the Democratic National Committee, the DNC, has been worthless,” -Retired Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. (Source: The Hill)

The Democratic Elite are not unlike zombies slowly moving down what they don’t know is a circular path through the woods in search of a brain, passing by the same landmarks countless times without recognizing that they have been there before.


Mostly I refer to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Super Delegates and the DNC Executive Leadership at the National and State Levels. If they do have a strategy for 2018 and 2020, they are holding it a close secret from the rank and file Democrats. From recent events, I’m more inclined to believe they simply have no strategy other than taking more money from the rich and their corporate donors to sustain themselves in positions of power.

The DNC Elite seem to think that they can just “do nothing” and the Republican (GOP) Administration, Majority Republican Congress and Majority Republican State Legislatures (39) will self-destruct and everything will just fall into place and votes will rain down from the heavens if they can just hold the course and depend on the voters they alienated in 2016 (and years before that) once again and that Trumpers and Trumpettes will realize their mistake and vote Democrat. It’s delusional.

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The DNC has no proactive agenda and no proactive strategy moving forward. Their strategy to date has been “reactive” and “defensive” to a serious deficit in scoring, so no ground has been made up, and the coaches are saying “just keep playing the way you are playing, it’s wearing them down,” and we all know that without a new playbook we can’t make up the deficit. Even if some of the star players on the other side are injured or foul out of the game, their bench is deep and the team they built along a strategy of controlling the game once they are ahead, is virtually unbeatable if we just “stay the course.”

Am I being defeatist? Hell no. If you understand what the GOP has been building over the last 50 years, you understand how they have won and will keep winning by directing their efforts and resources to “the State level,” because if you win there, you win nationally. Democrats refuse to put adequate resources at the state level yet call the shots for Democrats in state elections, alienating long-time Democrats in the process, and they end up staying home.

The GOP has reached its goal of majority control of all but about 10 legislatures and state houses in this country and thus control of the Electoral College, no matter what results from the popular vote, control of the Electoral College will decide who is in the White House. GOP U.S. Senators and House Members will ride the coattails of State level GOP domination to decades long domination in Washington, D.C. as they implement the real strategy for maintaining their lead:

  • DEM voter suppression
  • voter disenfranchisement of minorities who have voted DEM in the past, including state level disenfranchisement of felons of color, young transient populations, transient minority populations and immigrant populations
  • through consistent and sustained Voter ID Laws which make it difficult and/or impossible for more transient minority and student voters (of any color) to vote in the place of current residency
  • Through “Gerrymandering” voting districts while in control of state legislatures and state houses to lock in Electoral College supremacy, even in states where they attain less than half the popular vote (think Wisconsin)
  • continuing the “Politics of Fear” by constantly reminding the dwindling White Majority of the colored menace already present in the U.S. population and continuing to flow through U.S. Borders that will place Whites in the minority
  • destruction of the Educated Middle Class, and taking steps to lower entry of whites into the middleclass, while sustaining growth of the white working class and the white working poor, the two latter who have been shown to vote GOP even in the face of evidence it is to their detriment, economically, to do so
  • reinforce daily the fear of a “takeover” of minorities of color or immigrants (of any color or religion) who are not particularly loyal to the “American Way” or “American Culture,” and who sustain elements of the “culture of origin” even after becoming American (Google Kris Kobach or this)

On, the latter, the more you understand about Kobach and his mentor at Harvard, Professor Samuel Huntington, the more you understand the GOP Strategy of Fear. It may not even be strategy anymore. It may be just recognizing the realities the White Population of America now faces and making that population aware of it on a state by state level, while encouraging the maintenance of the Patriotic “American Way” and “American Culture,” even if it means the GOP being branded the party of “White Nationalists.” Donald Trump is the perfect deflection of attention away from the GOP Strategy. It is “win/win” to disavow the extremism of the Trump/Bannon White House while reaping the benefits of it.

So what should the DNC and Democratic Party do? I don’t know. They don’t pay me to develop strategy. I do know that they have to expose the GOP Strategy for what it is and to spend those Wall Street Corporate Donations, starting now, to meet it head-on, and to let the people know the politics of “inclusion,” not the politics of “exclusion,” will be the saving grace of America and the beginning of the “New American Way” that will make America great again. That is if the DNC’s rich white donors will allow it. America for Americans means you take care of masses and not just the rich. It means you see to the needs of Americans before you protect the Global interests of the rich.

Harold Monteau is a Chippewa Cree Lawyer residing in New Mexico and can be reached at He is a lifelong Democrat.