Father and Son Blues Rockers Twice As Good on Stage 49 at Gathering of Nations


What could be better than playing the blues in front of thousands of screaming fans at one of the largest pow wows in the world? Playing the blues with your son. That's the story of the amazing Twice As Good, comprised of Paul Anthony Steward (we'll call him The Son, born 1984) and Richard James Steward (The Father, born 1951) from Clearlake Oaks, California.

The Stewards are Pomo Indians of the Elem Indian Colony, and they're rocking Stage 49 tonight at 5pm. It's been our pleasure to draw some attention the past three days to not only the Gathering of Nations, one of the world's largest pow wows, but specifically to one of the largest stages on the planet for Native musicians and performers to showcase their talents, Stage 49. As Albuquerque, New Mexico is filled with more than 500 tribes and up to 100,000 attendees, Stage 49 (located in the University of New Mexico's basketball arena, "The Pit") gives these incredible acts a huge venue.

As Twice As Good's bio states on their website, Richard, who grew up around music, learned to play guitar and sing, and he was a huge blues and soul fan. Richard then taught his son Paul to play guitar. Paul found inspiration from legendary blues musician B.B. King, and began imitating the Electric Blues Guitar he heard on the radio and CD's, also practicing his vocals.

"In May 2003 they debuted as "Twice As Good, 2XG" at Terry's Southern BBQ in Santa Rosa, CA. Since then they have been all over the the USA, released 4 award winning albums, shared the stage with many legends and famous artists, and continue to garner success and praise with Paul leading the band through flashy show tunes with soulful vocals, screaming guitar, and unbelievable stage presence," their website states.

Tonight, the crowd at Stage 49 will get a big helping of blues thanks to the Steward men.

We are proud to be able to highlight incredible acts like this, and we were also proud to see our weekly, This Week From Indian Country Today, in the hands of these two smiling women down at the Gathering of Nations trade show.