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Family of Sgt. Alan Two Crow to Attend Redhawk Powwow in His Honor

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One of the last pow wows of the season is centered on a special cause.

The FDR Powwow and Native American Festival, sponsored by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, is saluting the memory of Sergeant Alan Two Crow, whose body was discovered on West Point military grounds in 2002, in what his family says were under suspicious circumstances.

In 2002, the New York Daily News wrote about his disappearance.

Two Crow, 27, was from the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in South Dakota and served in the Army for 12 years, including two in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. He recently reenlisted. Don Two Crow said his son was an inspiration to his six younger siblings and the rest of the reservation. "We were hoping he was still alive all this time," he said. "We had a feeling he was either kidnapped or was being held someplace. All this time he was laying right there on West Point Academy grounds, just 600 feet away.”

You can read the News’ full-story here.

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The Redhawk Native American Arts Council has honored Two Crow for the last 12 years by raising funds to assist with his investigation and also commissioning the Men’s Traditional Special dance in his name.

This year, however, Two Crow’s family is eager to attend the pow wow for the first time, which is set for September 20-21 at FDR State Park in Yorktown, New York. Two Crow’s body was found nearby the location of the pow wow grounds. His family plans to travel from the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota to the city to help celebrate their son’s memory, but they are in need of donations to make the trip. According to a news release, Sgt. Two Crow’s family needs $3,000 for the cost of their travel.

On Facebook, DesireeN William Howard, Two Crow’s sister, said that she was thankful to all of those who were previously involved in carrying his memory along.

“Hi my name is Desiree Two Crow/ Howard. I am Alan's sister. We are also making plans to attend. We're so excited to attend this year it’s such a honor for us; thank you for all you've done all these years for my brother. My children...have been participating in sports in his memory their shoes all have his name written on the bottom. Hope to meet you all soon.” 

This year, Redhawk has hosted three of the largest Native American powwows in New York and in New Jersey. The FDR powwow is their fourth and final one of the year. Their events attract more than 1,000 guests who enjoy Native food, music, dance, arts & Crafts and Native traditions.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Redhawk Native American Arts Council website for more information on how to donate to Sgt. Alan Two Crow’s family.