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Exxon Hates Your Children Satirical Ad Blocked by Exxon in Arkansas—See It Here

[node:summary]Exxon blocks ad from Arkansas tv stations satirizing after Mayflower oil spill from Pegasus pipeline of Alberta oil sands crude bitumen
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Not content with sending the contents of an as-yet-unknown number of barrels of oil flowing through the streets of the ironically named Mayflower, Arkansas, Exxon Corp. has blocked an acidic advertisement from airing on local television.

Titled “Exxon Hates Your Children,” the satirical spot features a three-piece-suited, corporate-looking type detailing the things that Exxon doesn’t care about because its only goal is to make its leaders rich. 

Perhaps the ad simply hits a nerve. Although the company instituted a no-fly zone soon after the spill—ostensibly to keep the air clear for relief vehicles and personnel—activists managed to capture and post some aerial video of the spill’s extent. Others grabbed some footage of the wetland that the viscous bitumin, which comes from the Mordor-like Alberta oil sands of Canada, was supposedly pumped into. It features one scene of a muck-soaked field covered in patches of paper towels. (Related: Arkansas Spill Fuels Arguments for Keystone XL Opponents)

At least the paper towels are “the quilted kind,” as comedic pundit Stephen Colbert put it in his sendup on April 9 that featured clips from the activists’ videos.

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Meanwhile, Exxon has admitted not to hating anyone’s children, but to not knowing how much oil from the far north is at this very moment saturating Arkansas’ soil. The state attorney general is investigating and, according to Salon, has asked Exxon to retain all documents and records pertaining to the spill.

“The pipeline rupture is substantially larger than many of us initially thought,” Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel told reporters, according to Salon. “We still do not know how much oil was released. We still do not know the exact makeup of the crude itself, of the chemical solvents used in the transportation process.”

And as is usual with quashed material, the video is getting much more airing than it would have if it had simply run on the Arkansas local affiliates of ABC, NBC, and Fox, according to the digital free-expression-rights site the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That includes here. See it below, and learn more at the site that has spawned the ad’s viral distribution, Exxon Hates Your Children.