'Extremely Heavy' $6,500 Native American Statue Stolen From Yard

Was it stolen? … Or liberated?

A large bronze statue of a Native American on a horse gripping an eagle was taken from a woman’s front yard in Arnold, Missouri, early Monday, according to police.

Witnesses said the statue, valued at $6,500, was loaded onto the bed of a white truck and hauled away around 2:10 a.m., reported NBC St. Louis news affiliate KSDK.

“It’s a very valuable statue. It’s bronze, life size, extremely heavy. How they got away with that one, I don’t know,” said Charlene Stephens, the owner of the statue.

Stephens, who has more statues in her backyard, lives next to a government center, which has surveillance cameras. Stephens said she hopes one of the cameras caught footage of the theft.

No suspects have been identified and a license plate number was not reported.