Exclusive! Preview of Crystle Lightning’s 2014 Calendar [6 Pictures]

Photo by JTPro Imaging, courtesy Crystle Lightning

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Exclusive! Preview of Crystle Lightning’s 2014 Calendar [6 Pictures]

Crystle Lightning is having a big year. Her hip hop group LightningCloud won a contest that put them in the studio with noted rap producer Timbaland, and a LightningCloud Single was featured on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians; on the acting front, Crystle appeared in an episode of Southland and wrapped a performance in Death Factory, a horror film (currently in post-production) by Native auteur Steven Paul Judd. But why be double trouble when you can be a triple threat? That seems to be reason enough to put out her first calendar (available for pre-order at the CrystleLightning.com store) — but don't take our word for it. We caught up with the model/actress/musician and got her thoughts on this latest project.

When did you decide to make a calendar, and why?

I can now cross "Crystle Lightning Calendar" off my bucket list. I've wanted to make my own calendar for the last 5 years, but wondered How can I do this? This year i finally just said, Nothing to it, but to do it! I wanted a memento to look back, something to show my children and grandchildren when that time comes. I also looked at this as an opportunity to play dress up twelve different times. Each month showcases a different part of my personality. It is something I am very proud of. I accomplished what I set out to do.

Who did you work with on this calendar?

I worked mainly with Josh Tousey of JT ProImaging. Josh shot the majority of the months. He is very patient and easy to photograph with. His lovely wife and makeup artist, Jennifer Tousey, did most of my make up. She can sure make me look good. She nailed every one of my visions down to the T. They also helped me come up with concepts and locations. I also worked with a few other photographers on the calendar — Gea Images and David Albert Habif, who are both exceptional. Every photographer gives you a different experience. They each see differently through their camera lenses. Ray Rivera of Pahi Creative did all formatting for the calendar and is extremely talented and quick!

This calendar is just one aspect of a busy fall you're having — can you give us an update on your other pursuits?

Funny you ask, just yesterday I had an audition for a TV show where I had to play a paranoid-schiophrenic who escaped a mental hospital and is on the run. That character challenged me as an actress and I live for that — I wasn't the "hot girl" or anything of the sort. Whether I get the role or not is irrelevant; I got the chance to exercise my acting muscle — for me, thats a win-win.

As far as music — LightningCloud (which is MC RedCloud and I, along side DJ Hydroe) will be releasing a new track we recorded, produced by ledgendary producer Timbaland. The song and video is scheduled to drop November 18 for a free download on Soundcloud. We are currently in the studio working and recording with Producer DJ DNA (Justin Adams). We're spending endless hours in the studio, working on new music. Prepare to be entertained!