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Exclusive: Artist Roy Boney’s Special Graphic Feature on the Cherokee Language

Cherokee artist Roy Boney Jr., is a man of many (artistic) talents (click here to see more of his work). He’s a comic artist, fine artist, computer animator and language preservationist who hails from Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Boney grew up in a Cherokee speaking home, which played a part in his inspiration for creating this incredible, exclusive graphic story for Indian Country Today Media Network. Boney’s done incredible work before (co-creating the graphic novel series Dead Eyes Open with Matthew Shepherd, winning the Grand Prize at the Cherokee Heritage Center’s Trail of Tears art show, with several of his paintings winning inclusion into the permanent collection of the Sequoyah National Research Center. Boney also contributed a story to the graphic novel anthology Trickster, which was an Eisner nominee this year at Comic-Con. ICTMN was honored that Boney created this incredible story for us—a stunning achievement in the marriage of art and narrative.

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And here's the cover from the September 28 issue of our weekly print magazine, This Week From Indian Country Today.