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Exclusive: Andrea Grant’s Graphic Novel Minx: Dream War—Part VI

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Introducing Part VI of our exclusive sneak peek of Andrea Grant’s graphic nove, Minx: Dream War. We debuted a snippet of Grant’s work on March 14, and we've been showcasing the entire 136-page graphic novel (which is told in four sections) in a 17-part serialization. In this installment, we’re covering pages 14-21 of section 2.

To catch up with our heroine Minx in pages 1-8, first read part one here.

To follow pages 9-17, read part two here.

For pages 18-25, click here.

For pages 26-28 of section 1, and pages 1-5 of section two, click here.

For pages 6-13 of section 2, click here.

Synopsis of Minx: Dream War: They say, “If you die in your dreams, you die in real life…” For ?half-Native American Minx, this is not superstition—it is reality. Once ?a struggling young artist in New York City, Minx’s life is changed forever?after suffering a vicious attack and slipping into a coma. But she doesn’t? wake in the same world she left; rather, she finds herself in Dreamtime, ?the alternate reality that humans inhabit when they sleep. With this ?transition comes great revelation and profound responsibility as Minx ?evolves into a sophisticated warrior, charged with protecting people from? a complex agenda that seeks to transform nightmares into realities and? realities into nightmares. But Minx’s role as vigilante is not born from ?random coincidence: It is the result of elaborate conspiracy, ancient ?prophecy and devastating betrayal.


Andrea Grant is a professional writer, editor and multimedia artist. She’s the founder of Copious Amounts Press and has published essays, poetry and photographs in numerous publications internationally. Her latest project is a graphic novel series called Minx, which merges Native American mythology with contemporary superhero fantasy.

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