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Eskimo Words for Dating: Is This Funny or Racist ... or Both? [Video]

It's a sketch about the complicated nature of dating in the 21st century. But should Alaska Natives be offended by it?
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On the whole, we have to say that the crew at College Humor is pretty good at exposing racism in a humorous way. We loved their clip about "Columbusing"—a term for white people discovering things that non-white people already knew about. And "Diet Racism" hits the nail on the head with the "I'm not racist, but" crowd. College Humor's "Flowchart: Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?" is a classic.

The College Humor kids usually have their heads on straight when it comes to the subject of race. But what about this video? It uses that old "Eskimos have a zillion words for snow" line to discuss the many complicated dating scenarios of the modern age. 

Warning: Racial issues aside, many of the punchlines here use dirty words. Just so you know.

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