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Enteros sets sights on Indian gaming

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – With a new name and the completion of numerous successful projects, Enteros, a Silicon Valley-based IT company, has its sights set on implementing its performance assessment technologies at several Northern California Indian gaming establishments.

Formally DBA InfoPower, Enteros assesses the performance of complex computer programs that resort casinos rely on to make business systems run fast and smooth. Using its trademark Load2Test system, the company troubleshoots and debugs systems in all areas of an establishment, from casino player tracking to point-of-sale transactions.

Enteros terms this IT methodology as “performance and scalability validation.”

Ron Warshawsky, founder and chief technology officer, has yet to name the Indian gaming establishments they want to partner with, as talks are still in the early stages.

“Initially it’s just conversation, they are not an official customer. We have deep expertise both in technology and services, and we can help them to establish an even better, more reliable infrastructure.”

As a small company, with about 60 employees, they have refined and improved the business systems of several Las Vegas strip resorts, including the MGM Grand and Venetian. “Because we are small and very technology oriented, we can react very quickly and attack and solve a problem when compared to our bigger competitors,” said Paul Halpern, director of marketing.

In their latest project with Wynn Resorts Ltd., they were asked to troubleshoot performance overload issues on the resort’s key business systems. Two of the three luxury resorts are the Wynn Las Vegas and the adjacent Encore, both on the Las Vegas strip. The Wynn Macau is in China.

A lot was at stake to ensure the computer systems at Wynn Las Vegas were top notch, as the resort is the only strip hotel to earn the AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Five-Star, and Michelin 5 Red Pavilions awards.

Enteros utilized Load2Test to find the problem. Warshawsky said Load2Test cuts load test development time up to 80 percent, and cuts the debugging cycle time in half, which saved Wynn Las Vegas an estimated $2 million.

To get the job done, Enteros sent in three of its top load test engineers to work with the resort’s IT specialists. They identified more than 150 complex business flows that were load tested within three months.

Warshawsky said the resort experienced a slowdown in its computer systems during peak business times. These slow downs, also known as “bottlenecks,” were particularly noticeable during Chinese New Year in January. “A bottleneck is when a system gets very contempt, it cannot process business transactions, or even worse, it’s experiencing shut down or a crash event.”

Once the bottlenecks were resolved, transactions that used to take more than one minute were reduced to sub-seconds. Gaming systems throughput increased more than 300 percent.

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In addition to providing performance assessments, Enteros offers product installations and custom configurations, database architecture design and performance assessments, database and application server advanced performance tuning, advanced data recovery and replication technologies services.

They also train clients in the areas of installation, administration and system use, and offer certification programs to customers and resellers, with training on methodology and product implementation.

Major companies such as Oracle, IBM, Sun Technologies, Hewlett Packard, and Citrix have partnered with Enteros on product development support projects. As a part of its channel partner program, the company works with resellers and IT consulting firms to improve all spectrums of IT production.

Warshawsky was a seasoned IT executive by the time he opened the company in 2004. He was the principal technology specialist at eBay for five years, and held key positions at Principal Financial Group, Allied Group Insurance and Nationwide Insurance.

His partner, co-founder and CEO Ron Sigura, was the vice president of sales and marketing at PDF Solutions, and the founder and former CEO of the Microsoft acquired WebAppoint.

As the company’s IT leader, Warshawsky envisioned the company’s success from the start. He ensured this by bringing top professionals aboard from across the country to give them an edge in developing topnotch software coupled with the ability to execute those programs successfully.

He expected the fledgling company to experience growing pains and setbacks, as it did, but after gaining the business and trust of multi-million dollar casino resorts, Enteros has made its presence known.

“We saw those depths and how painful they are. We had a dream and dreamed that dream, and now we want to dream more so we can live it more.”

Even though the hospitality industry has been hit by the economic downturn, the company has managed to ride it out by offering a variety of services to a wide client base.

Warshawsky sees the company becoming one of the top providers of load testing within the next five years. “I can certainly see us as a top company in the gaming and hospitality space.”

Enteros, a privately held company, is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with offices in Boston, Israel and Ukraine.

To learn more about Enteros visit or call (866) 529-1981.