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'Enormous value' to readers

Thanks to Suzan Shown Harjo for her wonderful Perspectives column, ''Order in the House needed for Indian affairs'' (Vol. 26, Iss. 34), regarding the formation of some sort of Indian Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. I was particularly impressed with her remarkable summary of legislative interaction over the past century and for condensing such a complex period. She clearly articulated the complexities I've seen tribal leaders face when confronting [Capitol] Hill, especially when encountering such advocates on the Senate side in both those senators and Indian Affair Committee staff. The formation of the Native American Caucus may be the proper steppingstone and we should applaud its leadership for advocating re-establishing a House Committee.

Ms. Harjo's perspectives should be of enormous value to all Indians in trying to understand why and how our issues are marginalized. She has done a great service to Indian country: and this from someone who typically disagrees with her views.

- Dave Tovey

Grand Ronde, Ore.

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