Empowering Indigenous Women: 'I Am a Life' Video by Sundance Filmmaker

This clip by Sundance-honored filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer puts a human face on the issue of empowering Native women.

Kiowa filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer wowed the judges of the Sundance Short Film Challenge earlier this year with his short film "Isabelle's Garden." The portrait of a young Native girl doing her part to fight poverty and hunger in her community was selected as one of nine contest winners. He's back with another short that addresses an issue that is sadly familiar in Indian country: violence toward Indigenous women. With "I Am a Life," Palmer seeks to empower Native women with simple statements about their humanity. 

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"I Am a Life" was written by Marshall Fuller, and the seven women featured are Randi LeClair (Pawnee), Kelli Brooke Brady (Seminole/Creek), Isabelle Cox (Choctaw, and the subject of Palmer's Sundance submission), J. Nicole Nahmiapiah (Comanche/Kiowa), Lauren Palmer (Choctaw), Elizabeth Sweetly (Comanche), Ekayah Rosete (Comanche).