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Elizabeth Frances, Simon Moya-Smith, Young Spirit, and Geek Savz

Elizabeth Frances

Currently lighting up screens big, small and really small as Prairie Flower on AMC's hit series The Son, Elizabeth Frances starred in Drunktown’s Finest in 2014, and has appeared in the Emmy-nominated series Her Story, in NBC’s Heartbeat and on Netflix’s Love. “I have the best job,” she says. “I get to transform, create characters, research and play for a living. And it's a lot of hard work, but when you love what you do, hard work is the best work.”

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Elizabeth Frances

Art From Broken Pieces

When he's not pumping out provocative columns for Indian Country Media Network or CNN Opinion, ICMN Culture Editor Simon Moya-Smith can be found recording new tracks in a studio, or lecturing about Native Americans and media at colleges across the country. His latest contribution to the music world is Purge. “I was pretty damn lovesick when I wrote the song,” he says. “The song hit on the broken heart behind those brittle ribs.”

Purge cover art; Simon Moya Smith
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All You Need is Sâki tohk

Young Spirit, an exciting drum group from Alberta, has a new release, Sâki tohk, the Cree phrase that translates to “Love each other.” The CD includes intertribals, crow hops and stop songs. Group leader Jacob Faithful says of the project, “We believe our Native people as a whole have to come together in love and harmony for the future generations... Our future is bright if we continue to love each other and cherish life.”

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Believe in Podcast

Native podcasts are a great way to connect with Native voices that don’t normally make it into the mainstream media. One on the best Native podcasts is Geek Savz, which is released nearly every week with commentary on new movies, comics, science fiction and video games. It’s hosted by Eli Funaro (Dakota). Isaiah Mahto (Dakota), Travis Bush (Dakota/ Kahnawake Mohawk) and Anthony Columbus (Dakota).

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Listen to them here.