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Eliminated from 'American Idol', Aranesa Turner Keeps on Singing

Much to her fans' disappointment, Aranesa Turner has been eliinated from the American Idol competition.
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It was another frustrating episode of American Idol for fans of Aranesa Turner, Pomo, whose talent has won her many fans, particularly in Indian country.

Turner was eliminated from the competition, a fate that sooner or later befalls all but one of the contestants. But after being omitted from last week's telecasts, it was disappointing that Turner didn't get to sing a note this week, either. Her interview with judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. was briefly shown, and that was it. Viewers scarcely had the chance to call the family into the living room before it was all over.

Wait, she doesn't get to sing? That's it?

Wait, was that even Aranesa? Can we rewind that?

Later in the evening, Turner confirmed on Twitter that she was off the show, adding that the experience had been a good one:

Aranesa Turner ‏@Aranesa
the end of my #idoljourney is only the beginning of the amazing journey God has destined since the beginning of time #teamaranesa

Aranesa Turner ‏@Aranesa
it was so amazing to #beapartofit I wouldn't take back a single second for the world <3

Aranesa Turner ‏@Aranesa
everyone's love and support has meant so very much to me!! I could never thank you all enough, stay tuned for my upcoming EP!

An outpouring of support from friends, family and fans ensued:

RosemaryLove ‏@TheyLoveJazzyJ
@Aranesa okay idol better not be try a claim you when you become a Famous Singer ! Love you boo #TEAMARANESA 

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i recycle hoes ‏@StuckOnMyThrone
#TeamAranesa for life no matter what.

Anna ‏@LummiAnna
@Aranesa attitude is everything, when one door closes another opens you just have to be willing to step through it <3 U #couldntbemoreproud

Kim Whitacre ‏@Rodek
Does #AmericanIdol have it wrong this year or what? Big mistake to send @Aranesa home. Can't believe some of the ppl who are going through.

Kaylala ‏@Kaethadrumma
There's no reason to watch American Idol anymore since they made a mistake about @Aranesa smh

Marty Jimmy ‏@TheRealMartyJay
@Aranesa even though you didn't make I still believe in you! Keep living your dream! You'll be bigger than idol could have ever make you!

..Mitchell.. ‏@miitchThayer 
Congrats on your success so far. This is undoubtedly only the beginning of an amazing future that lies ahead! @Aranesa

DAPino ‏@MrDPino
#AmericanIdol isn't the say all be all for @Aranesa. Anyone who can see talent knows she deserved more of an opportunity.

For those interested in Aranesa's next moves and bright future, there's good news: She's already booked her first post-Idol gig. Last night, she tweeted a flyer for a show she'll be playing at Nex in Sacramento on Friday, February 21:

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