Eight Videos About Native Mascots, From the Academic to Will Ferrell

A story about the controversial use of Native American mascots, logos and nicknames told through videos.

From academia to Will Ferrell and all points between, people, tribes and organizations have taken up the issue of using American Indians and Native names and logos as sporting mascots. Here is a small collection of some of the more ineresting videos on the subject. Please note that not all of the content would be considerd "G" rated. Or even "PG."

One: Will Ferrell as "just some loser fan from Cleveland."


Two: Villanova University: Is it honorable or racist to use Native American sports mascots?


Three: "Savage Country: American Indian Mascots, Part One" (The subsequent several parts are readily available on YouTube.com)


Four: "Indians as Mascots: Diminution of the Human Spirit"


Five: A clip from the documentary In Whose Honor?


Six: "American Indian Mascots"


Seven: National Museum of the American Indian's symposium Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports (part one; subsequent parts are readily available on YouTube)


Eight: "Native American Mascots"


Bonus: Comedian Katt Williams on the racist Washington Redskins