Education and The Native American Man

An Alaska Native language professor from the University of Alaska discusses Native American men in higher education.

A recent article appearing on HuffingtonPost.com by Lance A. Twitchell, an assistant professor of Alaska Native Languages for the University of Alaska Southeast, delves into how the Native American man fits into this country's higher education system.

He discusses his experiences in a world history class at the University of Minnesota and experiences his students have related to him. He says the classroom needs to change. "American education has often felt that letting indigenous consciousnesses into its classrooms will weaken the overall education system, which is an outdated and incorrect mindset born out of a fear and/or disgust for the Other," Twitchell says in the article. "In fact, we will awaken a side that is in desperate need of attention: humanity."

Read his full article, titled "Education and The Colonial Frontier: The Right Place for a Native American Man?" at HuffingtonPost.com.