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Ecuadorean Brothers' Pan Pipe 'Unchained Melody' Scores 700,000 YouTube Views

YouTube users have taken a shine to a video of two brothers from Ecuador performing "Unchained Melody," a hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965.

In January, Inka Gold, a musical duo from Ecuador (based in Albuquerque) posted seven new videos to their YouTube channel. The clips have all been well received—but one of them, an instrumental version of "Unchained Melody" played on pan pipe and guitar, has caught fire. To date, it's been played 737,485 times on YouTube. It's a popular share on Pinterest, and has been posted to numerous viral video sites—typically headlined something like "These Two Native Americans Cover A Classic Song, The Results Will Give You Chills."

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Brothers Oscar Andres Morales Vega and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega were born in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, in Ibarra, capital of Imbabura province. They state on their website ( that they "continue to perform the traditional music of their grand fathers while using traditional instruments to create and perform contemporary pieces." They say that they were inspired by the movie Ghost to do this rendition of "Unchained Melody," a hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965. Here it is: