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Dutch Singer Plays Indian for Eurovision Song Contest

Joan, the Dutch entry in the 2012 Eurovision song contest, performed wearing a Native American headdress with girls go-go dancing in American Indian costumes.
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Thanks to our reader Erin for spotting this one. What you are about to see needs a little explaining.

There exists in Europe an annual musical competition called Eurovision. It's been going since 1956; countries are represented by musical acts who perform an original song, so in a sense it's like a beauty pageant or the Olympics. But Eurovision also has a reputation for being completely irrelevant; the winners often sing nonsensical songs and only rarely go on to professional success. (The exceptions are ABBA, who won in 1974 for Sweden, and Celine Dion who won in 1988 for Switzerland.)

Eurovision is strange, and although it is watched throughout Europe, it is often out of morbid fascination: Can Europop get any worse? The latest installment aired over the weekend and was won by Sweden. But probably the most interesting performance was turned in by Joan, of the Netherlands, who dressed in a Native American costume. Why? Well, one commenter on YouTube gave this explanation:

The song is about her first love. Her fondest memories are of them two playing cowboys and? indians. They should have shown the videoclip in the background in Baku to make people understand the context of her wearing that indian headdress.

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Here it is. It's not quite Outkast at the 2004 Grammys, but it's in the same neighborhood.