Dunk Off: Kenny Dobbs Versus Blake Griffin (With a LeBron James Cameo)


Last night, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers (also a childhood friend of Sam Bradford, they both grew up in Oklahoma City) threw down the dunk of the year thus far (according to none other than LeBron James, who just the night before threw down an alley-oop that was, for 24-hours, the dunk of the year). Griffin's dunk in the Clippers 112-110 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder was, conservatively speaking, insane. Griffin rose over Kendrick Perkins, all six-foot-ten inches of him, and "posterized" him. It was a monumental dunk.

That got us thinking...imagine a dunk contest between Griffin, considered the best dunker in the NBA now, and Kenny Dobbs, the Choctaw super-human Dunk Inventor, who travels around Indian Country (and the world) defying gravity (and blowing minds) with his insane arsenal of airborne acrobatics.

Kenny is considered the greatest living street ball dunker. Blake is considered the greatest living NBA dunker. In a perfect world, the two could square off, but for now, we'll let you decide. Whose dunk is better, Blake's in-game posterization of Kendrick Perkins last night, or Kenny's latest dunk invention, this sick, so-many-moving-parts masterpiece that the Inventor makes look easy? And heck, for good measure we'll throw in Lebron's dunk, which required another player to pass it to him, but, the video is worth seeing.

Yes, we know the contexts are wildly different, but until these two square off in a dunk competition against one another, this is the best we can do for now:

Blake's Monster Slam: 

Kenny's Through-the-legs-over-the-man Dunk:

Lebron's alley-oop: