Drive for show ... putt for dough?


The ageless question of what's more important ... getting your tee shot in play or holing a quality putt? For golfers to truly reach their full potential we must become friendly with three very important club: the driver, the wedge and the putter. Spending equal practice time with each of these scoring clubs will help lower your score.

Concentrate on the following tips for longer, straighter more consistent shots and putts. (These tips are for the right-handed golfer; reverse the instructions if you are left-handed.)


*Play the ball straight away from the left heel.

*Feel as though your backswing is low and slow and complete a full shoulder coil.

*Hit the ball on the upswing as you pass through the impact position.

*Maintain your balance and accelerate your swing to a complete follow-through position.


*Have at least three wedges in your bag. Most pros have four.

*Know how far you hit. Carry or fly each wedge its maximum distance.

*Abbreviate your swing length to three-quarters back and three-quarters through.

*Play the ball in the middle of your stance and swing with balance.


*Read the green and see the line from behind the ball.

*Feel the length and speed of the roll as you take practice strokes beside the ball.

*Hit the putt, keep your body still and hold your follow through.

*Learn from the roll ... did the putt actually do what you saw it doing in step one?

Remember: all good shots start from behind the ball.Develop a solid pre-shot routine that is comfortable for you and commit to each shot 100 percent. And don't worry about the unanswered question of what's more important, driving or putting - it will rage on forever.

Steve McDonald is a 20-year member of the PGA of America and the president of Acquisition and Sales for Ha-Sho-Be Golf, a 100 percent Indian-owned golf management company. For more information, visit