Drew Barrymore Flashes Peace Sign While Wearing 'War Bonnet'


A photo of actress Drew Barrymore wearing a feather headdress and a Budweiser T-shirt has surfaced on the internet. Barrymore seems to be having a good time in the picture, flashing a peace sign and laughing, but American Indians aren't quite so happy with the image.

Adrienne K. of Native Appropriations confesses she thought Drew was a "cool chick," which perhaps makes this image that much harder to take. "Not only do you give us the stereotypical war bonnet," she writes, "you give us an association of Indians with alcohol, which is probably right up there with the worst possible stereotypes of Native people in the world ever. Nice work."

The image is watermarked "Flower Films," which is Barrymore's production company (responsible for Donnie Darko, 50 First Dates, Whip It, and the Charlie's Angels movie franchise). Is this a scene from an upcoming Flower Films release?