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Dramatic Footage of Bald Eagle Rescue on Cowichan River, B.C.

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On January 17 two dudes in British Columbia came across this injured eagle while canoeing up the Cowichan River on Vancouver Island. They scotched their fishing trip and devoted their afternoon to saving the eagle. See the video as the eagle tries to run away, unable to fly, and flails around in the rushing water.

"During today’s drift down the Cowichan River we came across an injured Bald Eagle on the beach," wrote Ian Barker, who leads steelhead fishing trips for trout and salmon and blogs at "Guide Peter Dick managed to capture it and we called Pacific Northwest Raptors to come and meet us at the bottom of the river. The Eagle was totally calm while being held and transported, which surprised all of us."

Barker said they named the eagle Cowi and gave it to the rescuers, planning to check back to see how he was doing.

"His wing seemed to be broken, and who knows how long he has been on that beach...." wrote Barker. "I hope Cowi heals up and can be released into the wild once again."

Sadly, according to one commenter on the video, Cowi had to be put down. But not for lack of trying to keep him alive, as you'll see in the dramatic footage below.