Dr. Kazama elected to a second term as president of Alaska Housing Authorities


Dr. Blake Kazama has been elected to a second term as president of the Association of Alaska Housing Authorities (AAHA).

The 16-member, statewide organization is headquartered in Anchorage and serves as an information resource on affordable housing and as an advocate for low-income housing needs in the state.

"We fought to be recognized by organizations such as Alaska Federation of Natives and the National Congress of American Indians and the National American Indian Housing Council," said Kazama of his first year in office. "We lobbied the gatekeepers in Washington, D.C. who oversee federal Indian housing funds to impress upon them the unique challenges faced by those of us who are responsible for bringing affordable housing to Alaska."

Kazama said his second term will focus on assessing the affordable housing needs of the state, tracking the effectiveness of the spending of federal funds for housing, and to lobby Congress for more funds to meet the needs of Alaska's low and middle income families.

The AAHA's 16-members serve Alaska's 229 federally recognized tribes.