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Don't Get Sick After June: Learn About Indian Healthcare

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This video series, posted by WyteDove on March 23, 2011 on YouTube educates viewers on the state of Native American healthcare, from new diseases brought by the white man to the beginnings of the Indian Health Service and the commodities program. Interviews with patients validate the dire state of Native healthcare in the United States.

"Federal health services for Indians began under the War Department in the early 1800s as a means of determining their population and containing contagious diseases among the tribes who lived near military posts. Preventing disease from affecting the troops was the primary concern," says Peter Coyote in Part 1.

The saying "don't get sick after June," was coined because funding for many IHS programs runs out around then.

Part 2 discusses the Snyder Act and why you don't want to get sick after June.

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Part 3 discusses the commodities program and how gaming bridged government shortfalls.

Part 4 discusses intergenerational trauma and how communities can help each other.