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Don't Cook Your Dog! Pets in Hot Cars Need Your Help

We have all seen the sad story in the news about a neglectful dog owner who goes into a store “just for a minute” and returns to find his dog dead inside the car, where, on hot days, interior temperatures can reach over 160 degrees in just ten minutes. In happier endings, the police arrive to smash the car window to rescue the dog in time.

Each year as summer approaches, the Animal Legal Defense Fund does its best to help prevent these avoidable cases of negligence—and this year, ALDF supporters played a bigger-than-ever part in spreading the word! ALDF's May Facebook post about dogs in hot cars reached over 43 million newsfeeds, and it was shared over a million times. It was heartening to see so many people take up the cause with such enthusiasm—and now you can join ALDF in continuing this campaign!

By taking action today, you can keep your own car cool while delivering the message directly to your local parking lots. ALDF designed its new Dogs in Hot Cars Sunshade so you can make a bold statement wherever you park. The design reminds people passing by that cars can be lethal to dogs, even on seemingly mild days. The lettering is large enough to be seen from across the lot, and urges people to call 911 to report trapped dogs, sending a message to the authorities that overheating is indeed an emergency for our canine friends.

Order yours today! You purchase helps support ALDF and the lifesaving work that they do.

This article was originally published here by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.