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Don't believe American illusion

Briefly responding to ''Clinton presents plan for Native America'' [Vol. 27, Iss. 23], it is only a continuing perpetuation of colonialism. Why should ''Native America'' actually believe this U.S. government would elevate the aboriginal treaty nation peoples' needs over rich, white America? If you believe that, you'll follow any illusion they create, claiming or promising this or that.

Administration after administration, the mainstream American Indian leadership whines and dramatizes how the government isn't honoring this or that. The Native leadership has already accepted the theft of our treaty lands, so they may as well accept that ''Native America'' needs are equated with ''melting pot America'' needs. And those needs are so ''prioritized.''

As a pro-treaty, territorial sovereignty and independence advocate and supporter, there will never be a time to merge into the American political structure to attain our objectives and goals. Through history, this government has abdicated its Constitution when it served its purpose to entrench colonialism over the aboriginal treaty nations.

Our first step in breaking that colonialism is to call for national aboriginal treaty nations to adopt referendums declaring our territorial sovereignty and independence. This is what the international community wants to see.

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- Elroy Wabashaw

Tecumseh, Neb.