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Documentary on Largest U.S. Mass Execution

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On December 26, 1862, 38 Dakota Indians were hanged from a massive scaffold in Mankato, Minnesota. It was the conclusive and brutal ending to the U.S.-Dakota war, also known as the Sioux Uprising, and remains the largest-ever mass execution in the history of the United States. Each year, a 330-mile horseback ride from the Missouri river to Mankato commemorates the event, and filmmaker Silas Hagerty is readying a documentary about the journey he filmed in 2008.

"There's a lot of historical trauma and it's talked about in the film," Hagerty told Minnesota Public Radio. "Where a lot of the Dakota men on the ride speak of this genetic depression that's passed from one generation to the next."

According to the website of Smoothfeather Productions, the documentary, titled Dakota 38, will be released in summer 2011.

Minnesota Public Radio: "New documentary remembers largest mass execution in US history"

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