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Documentary in the Making About Lives of Colombia's Indigenous Peoples Caught Between Government and Rebel Forces

Kickstarter campaign for the feature-length documentary We Women Warriors ends Saturday night at 5:55 and they need $7,000 more to get to the $50,000 target.
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The independent documentary feature We Women Warriors follows three Native women caught between government and rebel forces. Through them the feature-length film in the making depicts the plight of the country's 102 indigenous groups as they get squeezed between government forces and the rebel group known by its initials as FARC, who have been battling since the 1960s in a war that has been compounded by the drug wars declared by the U.S. Government.

The Colombia Constitutional Court has declared that 32 indigenous groups are in danger of extinction, the trailer tells us.

"Weaving strengthens unity,” a woman says in this trailer. “But it is also the craft of spinning our path as Native peoples. When it is made well it doesn't break."

A longer version is available at the documentary’s Kickstarter page. Filmmaker Nicole Karsin has until 5:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday May 19 to reach $50,000 in pledges in order to receive kickstarter funding. As of Saturday morning she had about $44,000.

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